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At Southern Title of Ohio, we take pride in being a reputable industry leader that provides comprehensive title services and title insurance solutions. With multiple offices strategically located in key areas including Galion, Wooster, Sandusky, and Mansfield, we ensure accessibility and convenience to clients all across Ohio. 

At Southern Title of Ohio, our mission extends far beyond the conventional scope of offering real estate title services. We anchor our operations in providing an exceptional layer of security through our comprehensive title insurance solutions, meticulously designed to shield your real estate investments from future uncertainties. Our seasoned team of specialists undertakes thorough title searches across Ohio properties, ensuring your transactions are fortified against potential claims of property ownership, liens, or any legal intricacies that could arise.

Leveraging decades of refined expertise and catering to a vast spectrum of client requirements, we distinguish ourselves as the premier destination for innovative title services and realty title services. Southern Title of Ohio transcends the ordinary; we embark on a journey with you, aiming to sculpt a frictionless and streamlined experience.

Our Comprehensive Real Estate Title Services:

Not only do we provide these excellent land title services, we also help when you are planning on purchasing a property! If you are ready to purchase, we will work on your behalf to insure:

  • That the contract seller is the legal owner.
  • That existing restrictions, easements, and public utilities, which may limit your rights to the use of the property, are clearly know to you.
  • That no one else has rights to the property.
  • That you are made aware of the current status of the property taxes.
  • That any, and all, liens against the property are paid off so that you can obtain clear title.

Be sure to contact our title work agency when:

  • You’d like to mortgage the property and your bank requires a Bankruptcy search.
  • You are heir to a property and need to know what liens are on it or who else may have rights to the land.
  • You want to develop and or subdivide your property and need to know of any conditions, or restrictions, that may govern the future use of the land.

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