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Serving the vibrant community of Galion, Ohio, Southern Title of Ohio takes pride in being a full-service title agency that covers an extensive range of needs. We’ve protected you, from facilitating purchases and maneuvering through refinancing intricacies to assisting with construction loans. We acknowledge that diving into such processes can often feel overwhelming; our devoted team steps in here to alleviate your anxieties, offering guidance at every stage.


It’s time to leave behind the era of substandard services. Trust our experienced professionals to deliver seamless title and closing services in Galion, Ohio. Our priority is, and always will be, your best interests. Our commitment to providing premium title work is unwavering; we believe in thoroughness, ensuring every detail is addressed. Our expertise enables us to navigate the closing process, endowing you with the peace of mind you deserve.


Don’t be a stranger— connect with us today to cater to all your title work necessities! Our title agencies in Galion, Ohio, aim to transform your experience from daunting to empowering, promising a smooth, efficient, and worry-free journey for your real estate transactions.

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207 Harding Way W
Galion, OH 44833

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Galion's number one choice for Title Agencies - Southern Title of Ohio Office

Galion, Ohio Information

Southern Title of Ohio is proud to serve the beautiful Galion area with title work that you need! As the premier agency option for title work, make sure to contact us regarding all of your purchasing, building, and refinancing needs in Galion, Ohio! We are your one-stop-shop for all things title!

Population: 10,030

First Settled: 1817 by the Benjamin Leveredge family

Named For: No one knows for sure

Galion Fun Fact!

Galion, Ohio is the only incorporated municipality named “Galion” in the United States.

Client Testimonials

“Great people -such friendly faces and personable. Very professional & did a great job.”

-Real Client Review Via Google

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