What You Need to Know About Property Titles

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Southern Title of Ohio
Southern Title of Ohio

There are a lot of steps when you are first buying a home. It involves finding a property, securing financing, making an offer, getting a home inspection, and eventually, when you have found the right fit, closing on your purchase. One of the most critical steps before closing in on your new home is purchasing your title insurance. Southern Title of Ohio LTD. offers many services, from construction loans and bankruptcy searches to title insurance services. It is important that you are protected from whatever may happen after the initial search is done on your house, so we are here to tell you a little bit about what a title is and why it is imperative to your home-buying experience.

One of the steps in home buying is to complete a title search before closing on your purchase. A title is a legal document that includes the specifics about a property you are purchasing and who owns it, often in the form of a deed. It is needed to ensure that the title of the house and property are clear and that there are no surprises. While most issues are easy to clear up and take care of, it is still important to know what you are getting yourself into.

When you purchase title insurance, two kinds of policies are involved: owner’s title insurance and lender’s title insurance. Owner’s insurance protects the owner if a problem is discovered after the search is complete. The lender’s insurance would also cover the lender if anything were to happen. Once this is bought and prior to claiming the title, the title search will be done. The search will include public and other land records spanning many years. This is why it is so common to run into issues when going through the search. Most problems are simple to fix and usually require whoever is involved with the property before you to sign over their rights to the land. Keep your title in a safe place, and if you do happen to lose it, you can go to your clerk’s office at the county courthouse where the property is located and request a copy.

If you are purchasing a new home and need assistance with your title, call us at our office in Mansfield, Ohio, at (419)-525-4600. We are more than happy to help you. We also have four locations throughout Ohio in Wooster, Galion, and Sandusky for your convenience, including our location in Mansfield, Ohio. If you need assistance at any of our other locations, contact us here. We hope to hear from you soon!

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