What Does a Title Agency Even Do?

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When you’re looking to purchase or sell a home, the closing process can often be a confusing part of the process. Many people and Southern Title of Ohio agree, don’t take on this process alone, and enlist a title agency for help navigating this part of the process. Many wonder, however, what does a title agency even do? And do I need one? Today, we’ll outline just some of the functions of a title agency and why it’s important to choose Southern Title of Ohio! Purchasing a Property.

When closing on a home, there are a variety of reasons that you should go with a closing agency:

1, Purchase from the Legal Owner

It is vital to ensure that when purchasing a home, you are purchasing from the legal owner. While this may seem strange, there are instances in which the buyer is technically not buying from the actual owner, complicating the purchase.

2, Restrictions on the Home

Home restrictions could be related to municipalities or utilities. Also, a title agency will inform you of any taxes that come with the home to budget for your new home accurately.

3, House Liens

Southern Title will help find any liens that still may be on the house.

When You Need Southern Title

Other than purchasing a home, there are still a variety of instances in which you will need to enlist a title agency. One example is when you are looking to mortgage a home. Some banks require a bankruptcy search on the property before lending to you. A title agency will search your home and handle this on your behalf. Furthermore, if you are an heir to a property, you’ll likely need to do some searches. A title agency will look for liens and the other restrictions mentioned above! Finally, if you want to develop or subsidize land, we’ll have your back through the process!

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