Title Insurance vs. Homeowners Insurance: The Basics

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Title insurance and home insurance are often terms used together. However, they are two different ideas.

Because both title and homeowners insurance plans involve the home, you may have heard the terms used synonymously. And although we understand the assumption that they are the same, they refer to two different things. Both are important for different reasons:

The main difference between homeowners insurance and title insurance is that one protects you against property damage, while the other protects your property ownership.

Homeowners insurance protects you against property damage.

Property damage covers any possessions in the case of theft. This protection includes any items inside your home. It even protects you if an injury occurs to a guest inside your home. However, it does not protect you should a person claim to have title rights to your home.

Title insurance protects your property ownership.

You must be assured you have the right to your own home and that this right is recognized by state law. Title insurance does not cover infestations, fire damages, or other occurrences that could affect the well-being of your property. However, it protects you in the case of title fraud, title liens, and financial loss due to such circumstances.

Neither homeowners insurance nor title insurance is better than the other, and both are incredibly beneficial. We at Southern Title of Ohio are in the business of title services, however. Please browse our website for more information on how we can help you! We’re here to provide you with all your needs via our four title agencies: Mansfield (419-525-4600), Wooster (330-263-5080), Galion (1-800-525-2921), and Sandusky (419-621-5550).

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