The Top 5 Title Issues That Can Delay Your Home Closing

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Title Insurance is an essential part of buying your home. Sure, it might be new to you, but the property still has a history you may need to know. Title Insurance covers you for problems you discover after closing on your home. While there are as many issues as you can imagine, as a title company in the Mansfield and Sandusky area, we will talk a little about the ones our clients are at the most risk of experiencing.

1. Public Record Errors

Clerical or filing errors could affect the deer of your property and may cause a financial strain to undo them yourself.

2. Liens

Unknown liens come from a previous owner behind their payments. The debt stays with the property regardless of who owns it.

3. Illegal Deeds

Occasionally, deeds are signed by people who affect their validity. Someone who is a minor or has been ruled unsound of the mind can affect the future chain of owner’s rights.

4. Forgery

A document filed in public records with forged information could jeopardize the new owner’s rights.

5. Unknown Heirs

If a previous owner passes, a property heir may come forward with a will that bequeaths the property to them.

All of these things sound stressful, right? Where do you begin to handle the title dispute? Lucky for you, choosing title insurance with Southern Title of Ohio means you have a team of title professionals who have your back. Clients have several conveniently located locations with Title Offices in Mansfield, Galion, Sandusky, and Wooster.

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