How Does a Title Search Work?

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Southern Title of Ohio

Title searches, while complex, are easy with Southern Title.

If you follow Southern Title on Facebook or have visited our website, you may know that one of our primary services is the title search. This search can reveal helpful information, like:

  • the legal status of the seller’s ownership
  • existing restrictions on the property 
  • who has property rights
  • existing property taxes or liens

Now that you know what a title search is, you might ask, “Couldn’t I just do that on my own?” or, “Can’t I just find this information on Google?”

A title search may sound breezy, but it requires tedious work. Although we can find most answers to our questions with a quick click of a button, a title search (if done correctly) can take 8-14 days on average. It’s also possible that running an online search could work against you. This is because online records are not always the official source and may not be up-to-date. So, what resources do we have available to us that others don’t?

We have excellent networking skills.

We work with several facilities in Richland County, such as the tax assessor’s office and the Clerk of Courts. We will go to great lengths to obtain this information for you. Such information will tell us the real estate records and the owner on file. We review several documents and undergo hours of intricate, detailed research: no shortcuts, no gimmicks.

It is possible to complete a title search on your own. However, we know it takes time, dedication, and careful planning. Title issues can be very complex without the help of professionals like Southern Title. With over 30 years of experience, we have the proper skills to provide you with a sense of security during your title transactions. And we’re available all across Ohio, with offices in Mansfield, Wooster, Galion, and Sandusky. Ready to get started? Ask us about our title insurance and other services, and call us today.

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